Currently, the following ten Universities are UPAS Partners.  The UPAS strategy will create an innovative, nation-wide meteorological university community which supports students e.g. through high-quality, efficient and standardized core meteorological teaching at each university via developing, sharing and exchanging appropriate material, methods and modules. UPAS will intensify the cross-institutional cooperation by increasing the setup, use and efficiency of distributed infrastructures together with non-university atmospheric research institutes to propel coordinated research and international partnerships. Interested in joining? Contact us !

Here you can find more detailed insights into the 10 UPAS sites:


The purpose of UPAS is both to consolidate and strengthen meteorology as a subject at German universities through more coordinated research and teaching with new cross-university concepts and modules, as well as to strengthen the visibility of meteorology both at home universities and in the public as a demanding and interesting field of study with a high impact on society.

This is to be achieved through the following objectives:

  1. Provide a platform for strategic consultation and support to advance meteorology as a university field of study

  2. Support meteorology student networking

  3. Attract suitable students to study meteorology

  4. Advance excellent education in meteorology with the help of cross-university teaching and incorporate applied study fields by linking up with relevant companies and authorities

  5. Leverage synergies in personnel and instrumentation for successful science

  6. Enhance public outreach

These goals are implemented by five work packages, which are managed at different locations.

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