How do you become a meteorologist?

As a meteorologist you are a weather scientist or atmospheric researcher, storm chaser or climate observer.

Do you have a great interest in science and did you enjoy math, physics, computer science and geography courses at school?

Are you interested in climate, extreme weather events and meteorological observation methods?

Would you like to get to know the most modern earth exploration methods and learn how to model the atmosphere? Or how weather forecasts are created from huge amounts of data?

Then studying meteorology is definitely the right thing for you.

This natural scientific field of study is interesting and diverse, as are the career prospects.

The meteorology course is also a relatively small course. This enables small learning groups and close supervision by the lecturers.

Here you will find helpful information.


In order to become a meteorologist, you have to complete a degree in meteorology. In Germany you can do this at 10 universities with different specializations:

Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich

Requirements: General higher education entrance qualification = high school diploma (Abitur). The field of study is free of restrictions on admission, such as special grades needed. At some universities, it is only possible to start your studies in the winter semester, otherwise both in the summer and winter semester is possible.

Working in meteorology

As a meteorologist, very different and diverse professions are open to you. From risk management to research or even a television career, a lot is possible. Nobody stays unemployed because meteorologists are in demand.

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