About UPAS

We have the following objectives:

a) provide a platform for strategic consultation and support to advance meteorology as a university field of study
b) support meteorology student networking
c) attract suitable students to study meteorology
d) advance excellent education in meteorology and incorporate applied study fields by linking up with relevant companies and authorities
e) leverage synergies in personnel and instrumentation for successful science, and
f) enhance public outreach

Work Packages

WP0: Coordinator and administration
Lead: University of Bonn, Prof. Clemens Simmer  

WP1: Attracting suitable students
Lead: University of Cologne, Prof. Susanne Crewell  

WP2: Excellent education 
Lead: University of Hamburg, Prof. Felix Ament  

WP3: Synergies for successful science
Lead: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Prof. Peter Knippertz

WP4: Societal and community outreach
Lead: Leibniz University of Hannover, Prof. Gunther Seckmeyer